Be the light that brightens the room,
not the mirror that reflects it.

Robyn masterfully blends her theatrical expertise and corporate coaching methodologies to create a dynamic and engaging KEYNOTE experience. Through a series of interactive exercises that serve as rich metaphors for mindful communication, Robyn entertains as she educates her audiences.

Laugh as you learn.

Robyn believes that the skills necessary to portray agility, creativity, and leadership in any business function are the ones she has studied and honed as an ensemble member with many theatre companies. She was named one of 2016’s Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company MagazineRobyn shares her personal philosophies and training methods with organizations by customizing creative brainstorming sessions, hosting lively networking events, and facilitating EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING for groups of all sizes on a wide range of topics.


The Power of Your Presence
Mindful Messaging
Embracing Change vs. Bracing for Change
Building Character & Getting Real
Empowering Women

Leading with EQ over IQ
Inclusivity: Involving & Evolving
Sharing Your Story

Or have Robyn tailor a custom session for your group.