Your body's language is louder than your words.

Robyn recognizes that many of her clients have lived with the not-so-secret fear of public speaking. Most people prefer the term “anxiety” because it’s softer. But it’s fear, and it grows when it’s not embraced. It varies in degrees from "Nope! I'd rather dive head first into a group of sharks during a feeding frenzy" to "I freeze when the focus is on me" to "My voice just gets a little shaky." Regardless of the level of fear or the particular symptoms involved, she offers clients one-on-one coaching sessions in a private setting where they can establish trust and confidence - with her and with themselves. 

Take what you do seriously.
Don't take yourself so seriously. Seriously.

Robyn uses her innate sense of humor to disarm her clients who, in turn, learn how to lead with their most authentic personalities. Levity helps her clients become less inhibited and more willing to address the root causes of their issues, which is how they develop awarenesses that dispel their physical manifestations of anxiety. Ultimately, Robyn has found that in this courageous space, people are capable of aligning their intentions with their non-verbal expressions - thus becoming true power houses on stage, in pitch sessions, or when presenting at meetings.